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1. A key may be purchased for a fee of $50 dollars for a term of one year from May 1 to April 30. At the end of the term, the lock will be changed. A new key can be purchased after March 31.
2. There will be no prorating of the $50.00 fee.
3. No refunds will be made once a key is purchased, regardless of reason.
4. Key holders are entitled to use the tennis courts and basketball court during off hours (those hours that the club
and tennis courts are not open). Key holders will enter the tennis courts during off hours via the keyed gate. Key
holders are only entitled to the use of the tennis courts during off hours. Entry into any area of Wedgewood Swim
Club other than the tennis courts is strictly prohibited during off hours.
5. Keys are for the use of the undersigned key holder and his or her family member(s) who are also members of
Wedgewood Swim Club as well as the key holder’s guest(s), who may or may not be a member of Wedgewood
Swim Club, but the guest(s) must be accompanied by the key holder or a member of the key holder’s family who
is a member of Wedgewood Swim Club. While a key holder’s family member over the age of 14 may use the key,
unaccompanied by the key holder, others may not. Each person entering the tennis court via the keyed entrance,
must be the key holder or key holder’s family member, over the age of 14. Family members of key holders who
are under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) family member of the key holder who is a
member of Wedgewood Swim Club.
6. Keys are not transferable. Keys may not be loaned. Loaning of keys is strictly prohibited. It shall be a breach of
this Agreement for a key holder to loan his or her key. If a key is loaned, the management reserves the right to
confiscate the key and charge the key holder to which the key is assigned with costs incurred for changing the lock
and reissuing keys to other key holders.
7. Key holders do not have authority to permit non-key holders access to the tennis courts. Key holders may not
permit access to non key holders; there is to be no propping of the keyed gate or allowing non key holders entry.
8. Non key holders who use a key holders key or other means to gain entrance to the tennis courts are trespassing and
may be penalized.

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