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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for membership?

In order to join Wedgewood, complete our online application.

You must identify one of our bondholders who would be willing to sponsor your membership. Please note that as an applicant, you must be a resident of Haddonfield (and provide proof, e.g. a utility bill).   You would then be added to Wedgewood’s waiting list.

Once you have submitted the initial application, login to your account and add the rest of your family to complete the application. Every year, we offer membership to those in the waitlist. If you have any questions, please contact us.

What options are available to use the club while our family is on the wait list?

While on the wait list, families have two partial membership opportunities.

The July Weekday Membership enables your family to use Wedgewood on weekdays (Monday through Friday) in July during normal club hours. The July Membership season runs from July 1 to July 31.

The August Membership enables your family to use Wedgewood from August 1st through August 31st during all operating hours (including weekends).

The number of available memberships is limited and will be offered to families in the order they are on the waitlist.

Note: non-bondholders are not eligible to take part in our Swim or Dive programs.

Who is included in a family membership?

All family members residing in your home are required to pay dues. Children 18 years of age and older can be removed from a family membership. Babysitters, nannies and caretakers can be included in a family membership and would be required to pay dues.

What are the costs to join Wedgewood?

All new family memberships must purchase a one-time bond (which will be returned to you at a later time) and pay a one time initiation fee. In addition, members must pay annual dues for all household members in the family. Senior members can join by only annual dues (that is, without one-time bond and initiation fee) and subject to the restrictions described in the by-laws. The initiation fee and annual dues do not include the 6.625% NJ Sales Tax that are collected as required by law.​​

How do I resign my bond?

For those that wish to resign their bond/membership, please submit complete the Resignation Form with confirmed receipt by February 1st. Refund of the bond will occur once the bond has been transferred to a new member. Resignations received after February 1st will go into effect the following year and the member will be responsible for paying dues for the current year.

I did not receive an email containing my initial password!

Check your spam/junk folder. The email would have come from “Member Splash: noreply@membersplash.com” with the subject “[Wedgewood Swim Club] Your username and password”

If you do not see the email anywhere, it is possible that someone else in your family has the primary account email. If you are not sure whose email is the primary email for your account, or If you want to change the primary email on the account, email us: admin@wedgewoodswimclub.com

I cannot remember the password!

No worries! You can reset the password as long as you know the primary email for your account. If you are not sure whose email is the primary email for your account, you can ask us by emailing admin@wedgewoodswimclub.com.

Once you know the primary email for your account, you can reset your password on the login page

Under the LOGIN button, you will see the password reset link with the text “Retrieve username & password…” On the password reset page, enter the primary email for your account and you will receive the password reset instruction from the email
“Member Splash: noreply@membersplash.com” with the subject “[Wedgewood Swim Club] Password Reset” If you continue to have trouble, email us: admin@wedgewoodswimclub.com

I cannot seem to log in with my old password

Make sure that you’re not attempting to use the password from our old website (https://www.esoftplanner.com) Wedgewood is no longer using esoftplanner.com for member management.

If you do not know your new/initial password, please go through password reset process on the login page

I cannot edit people in the account

By design, you can only add members to your account.

There may be children who are adults now or moved out of home that you may wish to remove from your membership. Or sometimes there may simply be an error in your account (e.g., your Child is categorized as Adult).

In order to edit or remove members, email us and tell us reasons how and why the members should be edited in your account: membership@wedgewoodswimclub.com. We can edit/delete the members for you.

There is an error in my account information

If you believe there is an error in your account information (e.g., your account type is Senior Membership, but it is categorized as a regular Membership), please contact us: membership@wedgewoodswimclub.com. We can edit the account information.

Payment Instructions

If you have not paid for your membership, once you log in to your account, you will see the banner with message Your account is not paid for the current season. To make a payment…

My membership cost shows up as $0

Make sure the checkbox is checked on the right-hand side of “Membership Dues” in the section Membership Fee. Once you click on the checkbox, you will see the members on your account listed along with the cost of each member.

I cannot click Next from the payment screen

Make sure that the radio button “Credit or Debit” is checked/selected.

I am getting an error saying that payment cannot be processed

Make sure that the expiration date is in the format MM-YYYY (e.g., 05-2024), not other formats (e.g., 05-24, 05/24, 0524, etc.)

Make sure that your billing address and your credit card information is accurate.

Something other issue that is not in this FAQ

Please email us: admin@wedgewoodswimclub.com